ClockSkinCoco(Universal Launcher) clockskins watches are missing values


after installing the APP launcher, my custom clockskins are missing values like Temperature, Steps, Calories, ecc.
Do you know why?

Which version do yo use?


But I have tried multiple versions, the problem is always the same.

I’m using this one because its OK and not Laggy for me.

Now it’s working perfectly, except for the temperature C°.

What could it be?

You have to set the location first. To do this, the GPS must be activated and high accuracy must be activated. You should also set the location outdoors. A data connection is required when setting up for the first time. You can find the location setting in the UL settings- location and time zone. than tap on the 3 dots. If you use an older version, it might need a few trys. Don’t give up, it will work!

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Perfect, it now works fine.
Just a little problem is that the APP Calories and Steps are not synchronized with the Watch default Steps and Calories counter APP.

I’ll wait the 24:00 PM to see if after midnight they will be the same.

Steps are now synchronized.

A little problem is that before installing the Launcher, the Notification System shown the name of the APP on the Phone(example: Whatsapp > Message ecc).
Now after installing the launcher notifications only display the content but not the name of the APP.

I use watch droid premium to synch with phone, my smartwatch is LemfoLes1

It’s only a bug if it was intended to work differently than what you’re experiencing. :slight_smile:

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You’re right, my fault!

However, is there a way to handle Notifications different?

You don’t mean “better” but “different”? :wink:

Yeah, Sorry but I’m not so good in english, however your APP is fantastic so I’m not discriminating it, I just want to understand how to set up correctly, to keep the old notification system provided by WatchDroid.

Oh, it’s not my app. Eric is the magician… :+1:


I’ve updated to 3.4.8 and I’ve noticed that the launcher does not correctly disable the volume.

To remove vibration or sound, I have to use the default sistem launcher.

Another thing is that some clockskins do not work anymore.

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