Clockskin recommendation

Hi guys. I’m pretty new to the stand alone Android smartwatch world and Im slowly learning a few things as I go along. I’m glad this forum is here because I’d be extremely lost without it, so thanks to all who make it possible to learn about them for those who know absolutely nothing about them.

I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a clockskin that really jumps out at you? The one that stands tall. I’ve done a lot of looking through the website and it’s exhausting because there are so many good ones to chose from. I’ve loaded a few onto my Prime 2 but haven’t quite found the “one” yet.

Any and all help is appreciated!

We have a lot of talented designers on this forum so i think it would be unfair to say who’s are better ? Would you agree ? Personally i would do what we all do and try ones yourself and see what you prefer


Agreed. I’ve thought about my post since asking and came to the same conclusion. You are correct in saying there are many talented designers here.

You might scan my 600+ faces on


This site is so good, as said so many talented guys on here. I couldn’t do what these lads do. Brilliant