Clock Skin Browser

Clock Skin Browser is a quick and small tool to quickly preview Clock Skin faces you’ve downloaded into our computer. It is also able to show the previews, and links, of the index archives that Smartwatch Ticks made available. 

Clock Skin Browser requires Java 8 to be installed on the computer, but runs on both Linux and Windows. It should also run on Mac OS X, but I have not yet tested it there.

The screenshot above was taken while browsing Smartwatch Ticks archive indexes. Selecting an item on the left list, a watch face preview is shown on the right pane, and a link to the designers post is placed on top. Clicking on that link will open it in your browser. An indexed entry is differentiated from an already downloaded face by the prefix “[DOWNLOAD]” added to the list item. In reality, the tool does not download anything (you’ll have to follow the link, and read the designers description and download link yourself). So, that prefix was probably a bad choice. If you have any recommendation to replace that prefix (such as “[ONLINE]”, or “[COMMUNITY]”), please indicate it and I’ll change the app.

Hidden feature (until I find the need to think in a better UI - While viewing both an archived index or a clock skin, pressing “DEL” will confirm if you want to delete it from your local disk, and if you do confirm it, it will erase that clock skin. 

Hope you enjoy this small tool. 

ClockSkinBrowser.jar (26.38 KB)

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Probably no one but me still uses this. However, if anyone wants to, here is a new release, now supporting preview templates (as generated by WatchFace Designer).

I shared some templates with WatchFace Designer v0.6.0. You can download them here:

ClockSkinBrowser.jar (736.35 KB)

And again, a release (for just my self???) of the new version of ClockSkinBrowser. Now with the ability to preview the watchfaces “live”.

Download link:

New release of the ClockSkin Browser (now on version 0.9.0).

This new version perfects the KW Engine Preview (it’s as pixel perfect as I could) and adds a few goodies:

  • It can now interact with ClockSkin Transfer (version 1.3+). This includes seeing the watchfaces in your watch, transfering faces from the watch to the current folder, transfering faces from the current folder to the watch and even previewing faces installed on your watch. If you activate the “Connect to ClockSkin Transfer” option, it will auto-search for your watch. You also have the option of giving the URL manually. When the watch is found, ClockSkinBrowser will remember it’s address so that next time it will start searching from that same address.

  • If you select more than one watchface, a preview image is created using all the selected watchfaces. This is nice if you want to create an image with your portfolio.

Here’s the download link:

PS: I love the interactivity on this thread. I can always hear my own echo

Well, let me be the first. Thank you

Marco . Just gave this a go . Its fantastic . Thankyou

Marco, what is the “Preview Template” entry used for and what are the “Watch Preview Templates”?

I just installed the app, and installed the android app on my watch, but it does not show my watch faces even though it says it is connected. I can open my web browser on my PC to see them, but not the app itself. Opening it in the web browser (Firefox) is real useful, but very slow! The only options I see in the application are up top which show the application folder and templates. Do I need to do anything else?

A good idea but I prefer my old fashioned method of displaying the watch faces in my Master File on my computer. After downloading the watchface file I place it in a numbered folder in the file. I then create an icon, referencing the same file number, from the image in the file and put it in an icon folder. This makes it easy to match the icon to the file. I then add the icon to the folder and at a glance have a visual of all 255 watchfaces in my Master File. Makes finding a watchface a breeze. Here is what it looks like.

Feb 6, 2019 0:13:29 GMT mpmf said:
Nueva versión del ClockSkin Browser (ahora en la versión 0.9.0).

Esta nueva versión perfecciona la vista previa del motor KW (es el píxel perfecto que pude) y agrega algunas novedades:

  • Ahora puede interactuar con ClockSkin Transfer (versión 1.3 o superior). Esto incluye ver las miras de su reloj, transferir caras del reloj a la carpeta actual, transferir caras de la carpeta actual al reloj e incluso previsualizar las caras instaladas en su reloj. Si activa la opción “Conectar a la transferencia de ClockSkin”, se buscará automáticamente su reloj. También tienes la opción de dar la URL manualmente. Cuando se encuentra el reloj, ClockSkinBrowser recordará su dirección para que la próxima vez comience a buscar desde esa misma dirección.

  • Si selecciona más de una esfera, se creará una imagen de vista previa utilizando todas las caras seleccionadas. Esto es bueno si desea crear una imagen con su cartera.

Aquí está el enlace de descarga:

PS: Me encanta la interactividad en este hilo. Siempre puedo escuchar mi propio eco.