Clock does not charge

The watch does not charge and does not turn on, the charging cable is fine, does anyone have a solution?

How do you know the cable is fine ? Anyway the charging pins may need cleaning . Try using a very small amount of alchohol on the pins

I have tested that the cable has an output voltage of 4.8V

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This is a copy of my earlier post.
I’m just going to throw this out there not trying to claim it will help everybody. I’ve noticed since summer is here and I sweat a lot more I’m having to clean the contacts on my watches a lot before the cable will connect. Example on my Lem 10 I was trying to connect it to my computer and could not get a connection. I thought the cable may now be bad. But first I checked the contacts, they looked ok but I wiped them with a microfiber cloth anyway, until they were shinny. The cable connected on the first try. I have had similar experiences with charging my Genesis and Lem 10. So now I wipe them every time before charging and have no more issues.

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