Christiaan van der Klaauw Astrolabium --- ALL NEW

This is a variation of the original watch wherein the “month circle” rotated to display the current month at 12 o’clock. Now, it does not rotate allowing the use of a gif to approximate the dates for the zodiac for the current month (shown here is the month of April and its zodical range from mid-April to mid-May). Since there is no way to duplicate the watch’s original mechanics which rotated the zodical signs within its circle, this is the best compromise. The “serpent icon” tracks the power reserve (100% when pointing to 12 o’clock and 0% at 6 o’clock.




Off course there’s a way to dublicate the original mechanism…

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Be my guest, I’d love to see how it’s done…

I have already served you the solution on a silver platter.

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I appreciate your service, however I do not have the training to interpret your solution.