Cheapest smart watch compatible with FAW international firmware? Also what watch is this?

Hi, I’m looking for a sub $150 smart watch that is FAW international firmware compatible. According to the forum, that would be the following:

LEM14/Rogbid Brave Pro *
Prime 2/APPLLP Pro
Optimus 2

I am looking to buy a new smart watch (my Genesis is old by now) and want one that is compatible with this new firmware, however I’m struggling to find links and places to buy these watches. I was hoping someone could help identify the watch in this link and if it is compatible? Or does anyone know someone who is selling one of the watches above?

Thank you.{"sku_id"%3A"12000028699607499"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!224.37!136.87!!!!!%40210318b916665667173965717e437c!12000028699607499!sea&curPageLogUid=eIU9LX92jdqL

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FAW - Full Android Watches. All applications work like on a smartphone, but on the condition that the developer made the application under the small watch screen for the world.

LEMFO LEM16 смарт часы мужские 6G 128G умные часы 8 core GPS WIFI, micro sim-card, Android 11 smart watch 900mAh Battery smartwatch 2022 8MP Cameras for men Android iOS phone 1.6 Inch 400*400 Pixel

Lemfo LEM16 is NOT compatible with FAW firmware.


Do you know which is the least expensive FAW on the market?

Depends what you want from it, I myself am starting to look at the Kospet Optimus 2, not the cheapest but does what I want it for.


Ordered the Optimus 2… it’s coming today :slight_smile: