Cheapest Data only plan for Kospet Optimus 2

I’m looking for the cheapest mobile data plan, don’t need talk or text. pre-paid preferred. Any recommendations would be appreciated

If you are in the US, a good resource is

EDIT: Also, depending on how much data you actually need/use, WallyMart offers a Freedompop sim for $10 that gives free voice, text, and 100Mb of data. Check here. This sim rides on T-Mobile.

Thanks for this info. Would you happen to know if FreedomPop is compatible with these smartwatches?

TL;DR - Yes

I currently have their Freemium sim in my Optimus 2. This plan is thru Freedompop specifically, with 10min, 10 sms, and 25Mb data riding on AT&T. Works fine for me but I do leave mobile data turned off for fear of going over.

These watches work with both AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. Hope that helps.

Another you also might want to look at speedtalk mobile. I use several of there plans. I just checked and they had a price increase over what I pay. But they offer a 500mb plan that is $9 a month or as cheap as $7.20 on an annual basis.

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