Cast smartwatch screen?

Hi Gents,

If you wished to do that, would it be possible? For example from a Lem T
If yes, how? With chromecast of similar? did you already tried?
In other words, would it be possible to use your smartwatch as a (very small) on the go computer?


I can cast my tiny screen to a 50-inch smart TV using either Allcast or Mirroring 360 through Apple TV. But only limited to photos/videos.

Google home can share the screen on Chromecast. I only tried on my phone though.

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Android 7 itself in lem t support cast, and also wireless ones. but the firmware itself lack the support. Since the one inside these FAW (at least MT6739 based) can’t do the cast even if you using setting search app. So it means entire system (e.g projected all things from watch) cast is not supported.

But I manage to cast my Youtube videos from lem t using youtube vanced. and perhaps any app support individual cast can do it.