Casio EDIFICE ERA-300DB. I hope,

Casio EDIFICE ERA-300DB. I hope, that you will like my first ever skin :slight_smile:

Left circle - seconds
Bottom circle - 24 hours
Right display - digital time and weekday + animation.
I tested it just on my Finow X3 Plus.

All the dials have “moving” (i dont know, what is the word for it) shadows.

Download -
Original design -



Looks very nice, thanks

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Great!!! Total Clear! Perfekt Work Many thanks :slight_smile:

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You are my crazy friend

Best watch face, looks perfect on my watch, keep up the good work.

Thank you so much
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not supported

extraordinary. could be made this one too. Thankyou
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Please how can i anstall it on DM368 smart watch plz explain that

Please how can i anstall it on DM368 smart watch plz explain that

Array_Arch_Battery is not working for this skin. Added it but wouldn’t show up in the watch. Please advise.
Edit: the Rotate battery is working though.

I added the battery rotate and it’s more complete now. I don’t need two needles showing seconds here.

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hey, how to install please ¡¡

Can u repost it the link is not supporting

In Zip please…

Apologies for being such a moron, but please explain installation. New to Android watch. Have downloaded & extracted .rar, what next?

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Look tutorial on our YT channel.


nice i like it so much