Cartier Mysterious Watch Reinvisioned!

Making lemonade from a lemon… Couldn’t make the Angle Span feature work on my Kospet Prime, so I offer this adaptation of the original* which - if I say so myself - is pretty cool. Others at




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Use Preview Fixed Data
Set yourself to 0 minutes and use the rotation function to set your hand to 0 minutes
Now set your minutes to 59 and use Angel Span to set it to 59 minutes.
Then all that remains is to fine-tune it. Move the minutes and use Angel Span to adjust it

I am attaching your file after my modification as a sample


My good and helpful friend Slavek Balak -

Thank you for all your work/help… As it turns out I was making the proper settings. Even your file doesn’t work on my Kospet Prime. It must be a function of its “engine”.
Below are your settings compared with those I set in my original. As you will see, they differ only slightly:

Finally, I assume the file is saved as Enhanced Clockskin, correct?

Yes. It works on Lemfo Lem12. It will probably be a watch. Several of my cioferniks on Kospet are not working

It is a great disappointment not to be able to utilize this function for my watch. Thanks again for your effort!

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Are you talking about stocklauncher or universal launcher?

I’m not an expert in anyway, but i have found that many of the functions behave very differently on different devices (what comes with i.e. rotating and span options). And these differences are (also) between stock launcher versions (not just SL vs. UL). See ie. Seiko Astron SSH123

This was the second one i was struggling (with these options): Q Timex Three Time Zone White

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Universal Launcher, it does not work with stock launcer either


First of all, I would like to note that the behavior of Universal Launcher is always the same - regardless of which Android device it is installed on.

As for the stock launcher, there are actually different versions that differ in some areas. This was sometimes very pronounced in the old versions. We then invested a lot of work together with the solution provider to adapt the behavior of the different stock launchers again. This was back when Android 7 was the available operating system on our watches. For most (but not all) devices there was an update after this work was completed. So most of the stock launchers A7 and A10 are identical again. The A4 and A5 devices, however, sometimes differ significantly.

To get to the specific problem: Unfortunately, WFD has not been further developed for several years. It is still a good tool that combines many functions - but some things no longer work today. It is then necessary to adapt the clockskin XML manually.
I have already provided help with this for various watchefaces several times here in the forum. I will try to publish general instructions for all conceivable cases and all 3 variants (UL, Stock A4+A5 and Stock 7+10). But this will take some time.
Perfect would be to update WFD. Unfortunately, this is beyond my abilities.


Quite instructive, thank you @G1NTON1C

You are welcome.

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It is not possible to contact the person who made WFD, or did he end up with it, perhaps because it is a SW for a rather small community?

Evidently, the developer of WFD (marco Fer…) is no longer providing updates

Well, that’s a shame

Unfortunately we no longer have contact with @Marco_Ferreira. We hope he is okay, but we have no information. :slightly_frowning_face:


thanks for the anwers

True , we have all tried numerous times with no joy.