Can't wait

Wow …I can’t wait for my KW88 to arive …can’t wait for us to add clock faces to it.
Want to make my own when it does happen…look at this beauty  …found it on Pinterest and linked to Ebay where you can buy a pack of clock faces for the Moto 360
called “Designer Luxury 20-pack moto 360 digital watch faces”
Based on a Diesel watch it seems .

Look at the Battery stats and the temp …I’m drooling here

Admin…Need I do more to give credits? a link to Diesel perhaps?   Many more nice diesel watch faces

You’re not releasing a face so this is more a general discussion post, so no credits needed and post moved to general.

Ok…wrote another mail to Lee Sun asking him kindly to help us out here.
Its no secret, this is what I wrote:










Which version FW has the Matrix and czech language?

On my KW88, there is no matrix but it does appear on the LEM3

But how to get into the matrix KW88 - as seen on video

That video was made with an early prototype, matrix layout was removed from official KW88 firmware