Can't select a different WebView Implementation on my LEMFO LEM T.

I’ve been working on trying to get Tasker working with AutoTools Web Screens. The installation instructions say I need to have Google’s WebView installed, and I’ve successfully managed to install it. However, I can’t enable it in the developer options, under “WebView Implementation”, as it never shows up in the list. The only option that’s ever shown up for me is the preinstalled WebView (Android WebView) that doesn’t work for Web Screens.

I’ve tried disabling the built-in WebView and installing Chrome, as well as forcing the setting to change via ADB, none of which have worked. I heard Android versions 7.0-9.0 use Chrome for WebViews, but I haven’t been able to get Chrome (stable or beta) working either. Is there a different firmware or update that I can flash that will fix this? I have a LEMFO LEMT with DM100_LEMT_V1.1_20200717D firmware.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!