Cannot unlock Lem12 Pro

So I have a predicament. I applied a pattern unlock to my Lem12 Pro running Beta 5. When attempting to draw the unlock pattern the animation fails early before the correct pattern can be applied.

I allowed the battery to fully discharge with the intention of connecting to flash tool to flash Beta 1 back on, then using wireless update to bring it up to 1.2, as the scatter file is incompatible with flash tool. The watch isn’t being recognised by flash tool now, so I am unable to proceed.

I’m really hoping someone has an idea on how to proceed.

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You have to flash the stock firmware by using the flash tool: - Google Drive

Download the file, unzip it with 7zip and coose the included scatter file with the flashtool.
Choose “firmware update” instead of “download”.

At last, connect the watch with the computer.

Thank you for your speedy response. I’ll report back in a couple of hours when I finish work

An update to my situation, it appears my device is bricked. I began to flash the stock firmware back into the watch but it encountered an error, not on the device display but within the flash tool software, and now the device does not power on at all. I’m probably SOL on this one unless anybody has any ideas😗

No problem. Let the battery run dry. Completly dry. Then flash the firmware again. Use “firmware update” instead of “download only”.

That’s reassuring news. I’ll update in another 5 days or so🙂

Kind regards

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@noidremained entioned a trick where the flash process is started by holding both buttons. I haven’t checked out yet, but it’s worth a try

It’s certainly worth a try. I feel pretty sure I did but will have a go when I get in from work. Thank you for your responses.

I tried this but doesnt seem to work on newer watches

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Bad news, @Dr_Andy_Vishnu .

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