Cancelled my order of a Domino 368 from Gearbest as I just discovered on

Cancelled my order of a Domino 368 from Gearbest as I just discovered on re-reading the specs that it doesn’t have Wi-Fi , while the Lemfo LF16 does (368s from competing vendors might be a different configuration). Gearbest don’t offer the LF16 so thinking going all in for an X5 Plus … Doofus question: does the X5 plus have a configuration where on tilting the wrist you have to tap on a default digital face before the default/custom one comes up? If so can this be rectified by running a launcher? Thanks guys

WIFI? TIME 10:08 yes

Thanks Miroslav I’m basing this of a question answered by my vendor and the specs shown; I think an Ali Express version does have Wi Fi or maybe you’re correct and this does and the vendor is confused? I decided not to take the chance as harder to return a shipped item then cancel :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

It does have WiFi. It’s the same watch. @SmartWatch_Ticks ​ has released a video of both of these

Thanks Pablo! I just noticed also on the Finow X5 plus the Gearbest question and answer guy is maintaining that watch has no wi-fi also which is crap from what I’ve read here and from Mr Ticks’ excellent videos. Will re-instate the order and thanks for your help guys

Don’t buy the X5+, the firmware is very bad. I have many regrets buying this. I’m going to put it in a drawer and I’m wearing my original X5 again.

yes @Ronald_Jansen1 the firmware is not good. I am working with Finow to try and persuade them to replace it