Can someone do this watchface in android format ???,,

Can someone do this watchface in android format ???,

@Jason_Roy format android??

Finow… Domino… Kw88

@Jason_Roy please don’t post any watchmaker files here. Deleted.

@Gabriel_Vj it’ allready a face. To transfer it to another format, you would need the permission of @Tom_Hald . No pirate copys here.

@G1NT0N1C Sorry.

@Jason_Roy It’s ok mate.

@Gabriel_Vj ok, my answer was not 100% correct. The original of this face is a stock watchface of the new Samsung Galaxy watch. +Tom Hald just made a copy of it, so he didn’t own the rights.
So, it would be ok to make a copy of this Samsung watch face (credits to
Sorry for the confusion.

@G1NT0N1C thanks mate

So has someone made the copy of this watch face ? if yes then please share the link to download .

No one can copy this particular image without permission.
But, as @G1NT0N1C already said - an homage to the original Samsung face could be made.
If you ask nicely - using the magic word (please) - then someone might make it.

Please (Magic word) can someone make the similar dial . :slight_smile: