can some smart handsome terrifically well endowed member plz post a step by step

can some smart handsome terrifically well endowed member plz post a step by step video of how to install clock faces on my no1 D5 PLZZZZZZZ… i love my clockfaces but whats better than clockfaces?? MORE CLOCKFACES

Try this link, it should get you started:

Hi UR… answer these with a yes or no…

  1. do you know how to set up a download of a clock skin file from this site to your PC?
  2. do you know how to unzip the file?
  3. do you know how to save the unzipped file to your PC?
  4. have you used the dock and USB lead to connect to your PC?
  5. do you know how to connect your watch to your PC for data transfer?
  6. do you know how to move a file from one location to another?

@Andrew_Davis lol - I think I have an inkling of where you’re going here :slight_smile:

Ask him if he knows where the ‘any’ key is while you’re at it :smiley:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 There’s no point in teaching someone how to suck eggs… so if I can establish what UR already knows then we can just fill in the blanks… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis good point :slight_smile:

Btw my post was a Simpsons reference :wink: Homer couldn’t find the ‘any key’

@Riccardo_Brognara I love that episode lol

RANDY u holidaying legend to my shame

3,nuh uh
4, yes booOOOOM im like neo from t matrix
5, yes in meinen sleep
6,yeahhhhhhh buddy

i appreciate u all taking time out of ur busy days to hand hold a 40year old clock face virgin (37 but there is no film reference for that) oh oh hang on thanks for helping me with the 37 STEPS. or is that film the 39 steps,oh fook it ha

still cant find that any key either hahaha

@unEASY_rider Mornin’ dude… I’ve been waitin’ fer ya… Let me see what I can put together… :slight_smile:

@unEASY_rider Great news… 3 no’s and 3 yes’s… we’re half way there… :slight_smile:

Follow the first 2 steps in this sequence… on the page that opens you’ll need to left click the following buttons… “open”… then “extract”… then “ok”… let me know how you get on…

look for lokifish marz guide about it.

@unEASY_rider keep looking, it’s there somewhere!! :joy: