Can screen on raising time be increased to 15 seconds?

Currently, the screen on arm raising feature displays screen for less than 5 seconds. Is there any way this can be increased to 15 seconds? Because 5 seconds time is too little to read time and other parameters on the watch face. Or does it require changes in the firmware?

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It’s not a setting of standard launcher, but UL can do it.

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What is the procedure of installing UL on Kospet Prime?
Is there any side-effect of using UL instead of standard launcher? Will all my current apps and watchfaces work perfectly on UL?

It’s a launcher, it installs as all other apps. Just install it and uninstall if you don’t like it.

You can achive it via macrodroid, just make a macro that triggers when screen on, then an action to unlock screen

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I have created an app for Kospet prime that wakes the screen on arm raise with timeout of 15 sec. Its battery consumption is almost same as that of the stock feature.


@salwan.hemant Are you going to share it with this community?
It sounds like something people will be interested in…
Maybe I have missed it if you have posted it already and I realise this was a while ago.