Can Patreon be used?

Is it worth investigating the use of Patreon to enable ongoing donations to the Forum? I am no expert at how Patreon works, but from what I know it allows people to pledge a nominated amount to be forwarded to a given person or website on a monthly basis. I only put forward this suggestion as Pablo said that Paypal donations of $2-00 or less are eaten up in Paypal fees. Now I do know that a number of Utube channels ask people to become a Patreon for as little as $1-00 a month…so obviously the fees must be much lower than what Paypal charge? So is this worth looking into @pablo11 or @G1NT0N1C or @Dr_Andy_Vishnu ? Anyway, it’s just a thought on another way to help contribute to the Forum. Cheers, Doons

Patreon website


Thank you for pointing me to that. I will check it out. Thank you, @Doonsbury!


Yes, thanks.
Interesting idea. As G says - we’ll look into this :+1:


Hope it proves to be helpful Pablo. I was trying to think of a way that members could make small, but regular donations. Because that would have 2 great benefits 1) It would allow almost every member to contribute…a dollar a month shouldn’t bust anyone’s bank…and 2) It would mean a regular flow of monthly funds to the forum, rather than spasmodic and widely spaced donations. If you could rely on a regular flow of donations, then it would possibly enable you to plan ahead a little more. Anyway, I hope you can make some use of it mate. Cheers, Doons


It definitely sounds like a good idea :+1:
We will be looking into various mechanisms for achieving this goal.
This sounds promising and worth investigating.
Thanks again.


patreon good for you tube creators. I dunno how far a community on the web would have the reach?

I’ve checked out Patreon. Unfortunately, it does not work for us because Patreon considers the copies of original faces on our site as copyright infringements.
They have even stricter guidelines on this point than we do.


Ok G1N, thanks for taking the time & trouble to look into it mate. :+1: It was just an idea I had and it is just a shame it wasn’t any use to us. But you guys know me…and no one (Not even me!:woozy_face::laughing:) knows what I’ll come up with next but I’d like to keep exploring something along the lines of Patreon, because it provides regular donations…which I think will be the best benefit to the Forum. Anyway I’ll keep looking around for anything that may help the Forum. But thanks again mate! :+1: Cheers, Doons

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