Can i have Amazon Alexa Always listen for wake word?

This one is probably a wish list item. The amazon alexa app works pretty well on the LEM14; when I have it open it listens to “Alexa” wake word and responds very promptly and clearly. Is it possible for me to keep this app running in the background? I know this is a stretch because I’ve never been able to achieve this on my Note9 despite much tinkering. Also is there a default way to launch assistance on the watch?-Adam

Have you made sure its turned off in battery saver ? Made sure its not optimized and has unrestricted data access ?

Then it should run in the background

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alexa can not use a wake up word unless the app is open. i have button mapper set so if i double tap back button it brings up the alexa voice search. this is the closest thing i have found to work without leaving the app always open