Can anyone help with KW88 not getting passed the startup screen.

Can anyone help with KW88 not getting passed the startup screen. I hold power button for 10sec, reboots, starts app counting and then freezes on screen with bungalow on water

does not show the correct time :smiley:

Check the first post here and go to the technical forum for help with this.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks, already went to the forum but wasn’t able to find a master reset option regarding this issue. Unless I missed something can you please post a link? Is the manual update of the firmware an only option to bring it back to normal?

You need to ask over there. This is not a tech support forum

Send me video i vl tell u what to do

the first thing to try is to disconnect the battery cable. There are photos of the pcb around if you google it. Then reconnect after 30 seconds and see how it goes.
Can you tell me what you were doing just before this happened? Like adding a watch face or changing a setting?
But in future these questions should be asked over in tech support. Someone will answer fairly quickly.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks very much for taking the time. I will attempt the battery disconnect. The watch was running , shut down and when I went to restart this was the outcome. As far as what was/is on the watch, probably 7/21/2016 ota, and the apps that were being used when we were in the beginning stages of watch faces for KW88

you know - it could be as simple as it’s not charging correctly…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ??? Does the same if it’s on charger or not. If that may be the case, what’s your opinion on the fix?

What I mean @Manny_M is does the watch charge correctly and get to 100%