Can any one make this skin pls? Thanks in advance.

Can any one make this skin pls? Thanks in advance.

This is the Original Skin from Eric‘s Universal Launcher

Yes but I just needed the skin only… any one can help?

Why don’t you ask the original author, or at least mention him? Pppppffttt!

I try to register in that forum however unable to register not sure why… not sure how to mention him here…

I don’t have a Clockskin for that, but you can extract the images from the launcher and create one.

Eric… so nice of u brother but I not sure how to do that… can help me… really appreciate ur assistance

Rename the file extension for clockskincoco from .apk to .zip and extract the files to a folder, then hunt for the .png files.

Hey Eric, what’s with the radar .png file in there?

Dude… I tried but failed. U can help m one this… really need ur help on this

I’ll have to ask Eric if it’s ok to make and publish. Looks easy enough.
I’ll work on it soon.

@Eric_Crochemore hope u ok with @Louis_Peek and he can do the magic for the skin which I requested…

@Shaeshi_Vampiro yes ok thanks

@Eric_Crochemore thanks alot bro. @Louis_Peek looking forward on ur magic…thanks alot guys

Obviously, you want this to work on a standard launcher correct?

@Louis_Peek yes bro.

@Louis_Peek so far any good news about the skin dude?

@Shaeshi_Vampiro I have apk.file

@Shaeshi_Vampiro I’m working on it. The hands probably won’t shrink/expand, but the ticks will. See my posting above.

You have a .apk file for just the watch face?
I don’t understand ANY of this anyway. Why not just install Eric’s Universal Launcher?