Can a Watch Face have really bright lume?

Hi Kiddies, just to show you that I haven’t been completely idle, I got a Luminox 'Navy Seal" watch and the lume is ultra bright…I mean it…you can read by the damn thing! It actually looks like it has tiny fluorescent tubes along the hands. Anyway I was just wondering, can lume like this be put on a watch face? I don’t want one made or anything, just interested in if it can be done and how hard it would be to do? Cheers, “I’m all aglow”! Doons

Ok! Alright already!! I just had a quick 'Look" and yes I see that there are a couple of Luminox faces on the Forum! Geeezzzzz. They always pick on the one eyed guy! :rofl:

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I reckon @G1NT0N1C and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu will be able to assist :+1::+1:

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It can be done as you have just found out using shadows on the hands etc.

Also using .gif