Call forwarding from watch to Google Voice

Looking for a way to forward calls that reach my watch to my Google Voice if I don’t answer. I tried andriod codes from the dialer, but get a ut ims error code

I use Google voice on my phone and watch no problems.

My watch has a 442 area code #
My phone has a805 area code #

The Google voice takes both those numbers and add them to a 3rd phone number so if you call that 3rd number it rings on both.

You can’t have the original phone # ring on the watch. It requires 3rd number you give out and use exclusively. Ignoring both cell# and watch #

I use voice as my exclusive number. You can answer on either device and even transfer between them during the call

Thanks for the replies, and I use Voice to do that, I did from day 1, the problem is when I ring both my phone and watch from voice, if my watch is off the network, or in power save, instead of my watch forwarding the call to my google voicemail box, it is taking callers to message saying that voicemail has not been set up yet. I tried all of the traditional andriod codes for call forwarding because I am pretty sure if I set conditional forwarding on the watch to my gv number it will act as a voicemail box like it does on my phone.

I’ve only noticed that issue if it’s in air plane mode or power saver. If the watch is off it seems to work normally still. I usually only use power saver when sleeping so doesn’t bother me not expecting calls anyways.

If I’m needing to charge my watch faster or concerned on power draw I turn off mobile data. I have texts forwarded to my watch number so still get texts with mobile data off.

You may need to check with your watch carrier to determine if they allow call forwarding. Some carriers, especially prepaid, do not allow this function. If they do, you need to set the forwarding number ( ccf if busy, ccf if unanswered, ccf if unavailable) of the watch line (in the call settings) to your GV number. On android 7.1.1 watches, the call settings menu was hidden and required an app like Settings Search, to access. I do not know how to access on Android 10 watches.

Hope that answers your question and helps

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Thanks, that’s a good point. I had a leftover redpocket sim so I used it, I noticed that the call forwarding and voicemail are missing in the gui, but call forwarding codes should work. I will have to see if I can find a carrier with working call forwarding that is still cheap monthly