Calibre 36 for KW88

Calibre 36 for KW88

@Manny_M nice design.
Looks like you have the scaling in Zooper not right. It looks like it can be a bit larger and shift down. (nothing to do with the design)
Do you have Novalauncher/Desktop/Advanced/Widget overlap set to YES? This option enables full screen use of the widgets!

Also I’d recommend enabling the second hand. Let it sit on 0 seconds. It’s looks more complete. if a user doesn’t want it, they can always disable it by setting the transparency of the secondhand to 0%

Great seeing you design watchfaces for the Lollipop smartwatches.

Hi Manny M,

I am Saurabh and we are looking for KW88 smartwatch faces. We will pay for each face you design.

We have another product also for which we need watch faces.

Let me know if you are interested.


@Kenneth_Tan thanks Ken. I would have to turn the red second marker to yellow(need some time to convert it) unless you have one already available. As far as the scaling is concerned, I still haven’t figured it out. I work the completion of the faces on my tablet and then export to my watch, so I cant figure out the exact dimensions. I then alter them when on my watch to fit screen. if you have any tricks in mind please let me know.

@Saurabh_Koshta sure lets dicuss, what did you have in mind?

@Manny_M ​ send me the ted minute hand. I’ll convert it tomorrow in Photoshop. Its a 3 second fix. Info@

@Kenneth_Tan You have the second marker for the Carrera models, remember, you created the caliber 17 :). Its the same just has to be converted to yellow. in case you don’t have it …
missing/deleted image from Google+

I’ll convert it for you. The Caliber 17 was not my design. I only used the graphics and programmed them to work in Zooper.

@Manny_M ​ let me know if you only design or provide complete installation file. Also can we discuss on Skype in detail. My Skype name is saurabhkoshta.

@Saurabh_Koshta just to be clear, i am not a graphic designer and a rookie at this. If i design anything, it is a complete, fully working file for zooper(for now).

@Manny_M ​. I understood. I have bought a sample of KW88. Will get in touch with you once I receive the same.

@Manny_M Here’s the Yellow version of the original Calibre watch hand. I’ve kept the original filename with Yellow added to the name. It’s not my design.
If you have photoshop, it’s just a matter of adding a Hue/Saturation layer and shifting the Hue to the color desired.

.img16268 - Yellow.png

@Kenneth_Tan I don’t see an “Advanced” subsection under my Novalauncher/Desktop/ settings to allow my widget to overlap the app drawer icon. I’ve looked through the other subsections and don’t see anything similar. My version is Novalauncher Prime 4.3.1, which it states is the most up to date version. Am I looking in the wrong settings? Thanks

@Russell_Shouse ​ please open Novalauncher settings Desktop and scroll down. There should be a advanced fold-out