Calendar problem

In my process of setting up my Optimus 2 I have Reminders working satusfactorily, with help from this forum, and Contacts syncing with Nextcloud via Davx5. So far, so good.

I have aCalendar+ running on my phone so I installed that on my watch but when it starts it displays a message:

“Calendar storage is disabled”

and displays a button labelled “Activate” which, when pressed, disappears briefly and then reappears ad infinitum.

Any suggestions?

Have you perform a factory reset before you started?

Before I started what?

I did a factory reset, twice, before I started this particular setup process about a week ago.

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You can try using an alternative settings app to grant storage access to this app. For example, the “settings search” app could possibly lead to success.

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I’ve tried that settings search app but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I couldn’t see anything obvious that seemed useful.

I’ve tried a number of calendars on my phone and they all work as expected and automatically connect to Davx. None of same apps will recognise Davx on the watch.

I have also noticed that the Nextcloud app starts at the first page but then immediately moves to another page asking for an https address but our Nextcloud server is on an http address. I know from using the Nextcloud app on my phone that there is a setting which changes the https default setting to http but I can’t reach the settings page.

I have tried uninstalling Nextcloud and reinstalling but no change.

I’m not sure what to try next.

In settings search it is maybe possible to give the app permission to storage.

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Open “settings search,” select “applications.” Scroll down to your Calendar app and tap to open it. Select “Permissions” and grant storage access.

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The only settings shown are Calendar and Contacts both of which are on. I had already thought to check permissions in the settings app.

I thought that I would ask Kospet what they thought of this calendar problem and this is their reply:

" Regarding your concern, we would like to inform you that the App calendars may not be compatible with the watch. The reason for this is that the calendar App might not have been configured to be compatible with Android watches."

Not very promising.