By request of Enéias Aquila , a Tag Heuer Connected.

By request of @Eneias_Aquila , a Tag Heuer Connected.


Download link:

Como decimos en España: ¡Aquí, el más tonto hace relojes! :slight_smile:


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“Como decimos en España: ¡Aquí, el más tonto hace relojes! :)”
@Pedro_A_Martinez , es una gran verdad!!! :slight_smile:

If you had searched for tag you would have seen this
And this

Y muy guapos jejejeje

Thanks works 100%

El enlace da error, puedes arreglarlo?

@Pedro_A_Martinez looks like Google have stopped you sharing this face. Maybe an issue from them about this face ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yes, it has been tagged as inappropriate by Google. What should I do now?

@Pedro_A_Martinez have they sent you an email regarding this?
If not - delete the file from your G drive and then add it again.
I am thinking your link has been re-shared many times - causing a problem with TAG - who then complained to Google…
When you share the link again - disable re-sharing. If in doubt or worried - use Drop Box.

Thank you very much @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 . I’ll do so.

They did not send me any notification.

Changed the download link to