Buyers guide, Help needed

Hi friends,
i need you recommendations.
I am searching for a watch around max. 250€
The watch have the following datas:

  • waterproof would be great (IP68)
  • ROM mind 16GB
  • Sports tracking with GPS and HeartRate
  • Notifications from SmartPhone (WhatsApp, Email and so on)
  • Adustable continuous heart rate
  • Connection to bluetooth Headphone (because of music during sport)
  • Battery in normal usage mind. 3days (means: 2x times per weeks sport (GPS on), 07:00 till 22:00 o’clock notifications (after 22:00 i normally switch to flightmode…))
  • connection with “relive app” would be great

I was trying Kospet Optimus:

  • IMHO good watch but…
  • no IP68 (swiming is like “russian roulette”)
  • no GPS in SportMode (no trackrecorder)
  • App (wiiwatch is in my opionion a joke)
  • Used watchdroid (much better but no tracking from step and heartrate)


  • notifications is not very good
  • no internal ROM

What do you think?
Is it worth to check the “Kospet Vision” watch?

Thanks for any suggestions from your side

for gps in sports mode look at this:

Regarding swimming, I wouldn’t go swimming with any of these watches even if some of them has IP68. I would likely choose the apple watch if I had to go swimming with a smartwatch

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Unfortunately your wish list is to ambitious for the time being including new watches coming soon . As with most things you will have to compromise . I would NEVER swim with any of these watches and they seem reulctant to intergrate gps into the fitness ( although we have a workaround ) . If you do choose a watch let me know before buying

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Yes, I was going to ask about that (The water resistant capabilities) myself Tim. I myself wouldn’t take a smart watch (Certainly not one with a sim card door) close to a glass of beer :beer:, let alone in the water! :grin: Cheers, Doons


If sweat can sometimes get in , imagine beer :joy:


Thanks fpr your answer
What do you think?
Kospet Optimus or Kospet Vision?
Does anybody has some experience with the “Vision” from Kospet

I do not need 4G
I would “only” need the bluetooth sync
But so far i did not find a smart watch (like the Optimus or the Vision) without 4G

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Maybe take a look on the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE.

It’s not full android but it would suite your sport needs.

Hi . Samples of the Kospet Vision have not been sent out to the moderators at the moment . They will be sent out later this month . So we cannot compare as yet . The Kospet HOPE is a very reliable watch ?

I am also interested for IP68 smartwatch. But if the watches with sim carts are not ok, what about those with e-sim? And/or the watches with Wear OS, it is Android based, if I am not wrong.
Can someone recommend budget alternative or some new model if there is?


Hi . I have a rollmee SO8 which is a full android watch we support . Check it out . As moderators none of us have had water issues with sim etc . Wear watches we do not support


Why all standalone Wear OS watches are so expensive? The hardware is not better than in the Android watches.

Any information about Rogbit Brave 4G LTE?

because they are made by well known brands, use more expensive qualcomm processors, and I guess they have better build quality

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Probably you are right.
I just compared the price of TicWatch and Kospet/Lemfo/Rollme and other Chinese watches, and the difference is almost twice.