Buy now, or wait for future products?

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My old iPhone 5 finally gave in, and im looking for a replacement. I do most of the things I need/ want to do with a computer, so a phone is really just going to be used as a phone. The thing is, I dont really want to carry around a phone all the time when I will rarely use it. I considered getting a feature phone from nokia or something like that, but decided this was much cooler and more practical for me. I use discord as my primary messaging platform outside of regular texts, and I do enjoy being able to load some songs on here to play as I run. as I understand it the Android 10 watches dont have NFC, which I think could be useful to me, but please correct me if im wrong. The other thing they lack which I would like is an oled/ amoled screen for always on functionality and deep dark blacks/ high contrast. So my predicament is should I wait for other watches that might have these features, or should I buy now? I would probably get the LEM 12 Pro if I bought now.

TL:DR; Will watches with oled/amoled displays and maybe even NFC running android 10 come out soonish (sometime in the next 1 - 2 months?)

I dont have the most stable internet connection currently so if I dont reply promptly that is most likely why. Thank you for your opinions and time.

NFC will be available in the near future. Watches with OLED screens will probably no longer exist. That’s a shame, I also love this screen technology.


How near is near future as far as NFC is concerned? And may I ask in what form/ brand you expect NFC? Ideally I would love the LEM 12 pro but with NFC and OLED, but as you have pointed out just NFC might be what I have to settle for. Do you think LEMFO will release a very similair watch to the LEM 12 pro but with NFC soon? Why do you think OLED screens will be discontinued? Sorry for all the questions, but thank you for a rapid response! Also, this is a bit off-topic, but could you direct me to where I can learn the basics of how these watches work, as they are clearly not running stock android 10 so I would love to know what kinds of software magic are behind such an OS running on a watch.

Thank you again!

I can’t give an exact date or brand. But the new chips used for the A10 allow the use of NFC for the first time. So it’s a question of time.

Im surprised that the current ones dont have support NFC then, but I guess that is because they are first gen products. How far in advance do you usually hear about new watches coming out?

There is no other information in my nostril. You won’t find anything else no matter how deep you stick your finger in…:joy::wink:

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ok ok I digress. Thank you. I think I will just go for the LEM 12 Pro then, but you still havent told me why you think there wont be oled models, ill just have to take your word for it then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just because there are no OLED screens available in the required quantity and quality. At least not at reasonable prices.

after some time, are there rumors of new releases? I am looking for a rectangular clock but with a new CPU, appllp max apparently has a castrated firmware (there is no possibility to set the permissions App administrators. This thing is holding me back from buying it

Due to the worldwide shortage of chips, I would not expect new Fullandroid watches at the moment.


hopefully it won’t last long, the monkey waits

How am I going to feed my habit? :astonished: :worried: :pleading_face: :cold_sweat: :scream:

Well, sometimes it helps to take a step back and see it for what it actually is: a very interesting, exciting hobby. But even if there are no new watches for a while, nobody will die of hunger. All we need is a little patience. Perhaps the next generation of watches will be all the better for that.