Bulova Marine Star

Another outstanding Bulova watch…


CREDIT: Bulova.com


Nice one doubledad. :+1: Bulova was (And indeed still is) a major player in high quality watches. Although it took me quite a few years, I finally managed to pick up a Bulova Marine Star about 12 months ago…from Georgia in the USA as a matter of fact. I was lucky enough to get one that had an alarm function, which made it that little bit more appealing. Anyway, seeing your post this morning reminded me that I hadn’t worn it for a while, so it will be my “Watch of choice” for the next few weeks. So thanks for the great face and the reminder to wear mine! Cheers, Doons

By the way…and this is a question for anyone who reads this post…would it be difficult to put an alarm, like the one on my Bulova, on a watch face?

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Indeed it is possible to put a alarm function on this watch. And I will do so unless Vlad beats me to it.

Very clean, Thanks

Thanks you both… Try it again @Doonsbury pressing the VI (6 o’clock) area for the alarm…