Bulova Marine Star - Revisited

After @Joao_Nascimento coached me on creating 3D bezels, I remade this watch while adding some drop shadows to the numerals. Although not designed in exactly the manner Joao taught, I think it does add character…




CREDIT: Bulova.com


DD, to be honest; I like more the first version, just because you did not match the rings color to the rest of the watch, for me the first version rings are perfect for this model. Cheers

Thanks for the input Joao…

That raises an interesting point - what is the objective? To be true to the actual watch, or satisfy the desire to experiment even though not true to the original. Sure the first version is fine, but I do like to experiment.

DD, my opinion is, when I make a replica, the challenge is to try to be as faithful as possible to the original (I accept making some minor adaptations). You can be creative and experiment, creating your own designs.


Well said, I understand…

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