Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra

Until recently, the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept (“AUC”) watch held the title of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch at 2mm. In fact, a reviewer at Hodinkee stated in April 2020 that “it is very difficult for me to imagine anyone knocking the AUC from its throne any time soon.” But in March of 2022 Bulgari introduced the Octo Finissimo Ultra with a thinness of 1.80mm, a full 10% thinner than the Piaget AUC. (OK, it’s only 0.2mm thinner, but for the watchmakers involved that’s a lot!)
Credit: Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra

Version 1:
Clockskin download link: Version 1 (WFD “enhanced clockskin” format) zip file

Version 2:
Clockskin download link: Version 2 (WFD “enhanced clockskin” format) zip file

Version 3 (with digital time added):
Clockskin download link: Version 3 (WFD “enhanced clockskin” format) zip file

Here’s a link to a video (2-1/2 min) of the “.watch format” version of this watch face, which includes a test of that QR Code gear wheel on the face.


Thanks for this @onourwatches … Hard to see in the video, but do all the gears move as time passes (something not seen in @G1NT0N1C 's Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept)…

The gears that move are the seconds wheel, the balance wheel, the spring, the escapement wheel and the escapement pallet. The other gears do not move.

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Nice one @onourwatches,congrats. And I’m sorry to intervene @doubledad , but if you look more closely and for a longer time, you’ll see that they rotate, at @G1NT0N1C’ Piaget Altiplano (unlike Seizmont Mechanical created by you, in which you can not see that even if you look with a magnifying glass … last example)


It’s a great job you’ve done, @onourwatches . I always appreciate it when someone is willing to put many hours into a watchface to get a good result. Thank you for sharing. :grin::+1:


And thank you @G1NT0N1C, it was your recent Piaget Altiplano post that got me looking at these ultra-thin watches. :wink:


In fact I had an eye at this one, too. But I’m in another one atm. Once again. Great work! I’m glad that you did it.

Great job. Thanks