Bug report, Lemfo Lem12

Dear all,
I recently bought this smartwatch.
(The housing of my Zeblaze Thor 4 (with Lem7 Firmware, etc.) got a lot of cracks near the screw/bolt holes without any strong use and I did not find an housing replacement at Aliexpress.com.

All in all a nice smartwatch. Nevertheless I would like to report some bugs (Firmware 1.2, factory version)

  1. No ringtone for incoming calls, volume slider in the setting sound section is also disabled. Media and alarm volume works fine.
  2. When I restart the watch in airplane mode and wifi is on. A SIM PIN prompt appears with an error after the PIN entry. The prompt screen does not disappear. Workaround 1: Removing SIM-Card and restart. Workaround 2: Toggle Wifi off via Floating Toolbox and restart.
  3. Strong battery drain during video watching (YouTube, only 360p)

Hoping someone can fix these issues in the next firmware. Thanks a lot!

Best regards from Germany, stay healthy!

Hi, you can off the quiet mode (an icon logo on top left with watch +moon inside (*share main icon screen which u can on/off the gps, wifi, brightness, mobile data, Bluetooth,)) then ring tune is able to adjust. This is the official support answer from lemfo.

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@CHANG_WK Yes, this is the same for all watches here.
Thanks for your post :+1:

Its not clear from your post but I offer this. The instructions that came with my Speed Talk Sim card was specific, the watch needed to be turned off before installing the Sim Card. When I turn the watch on it connects on its own with no other actions required. I would also try this with all other functions off until Sim card makes its connections. Just a suggestion.

I have the issue of fast battery usage, barely use it
According to the watch its mainly bluetooth.
Any suggestions?

Have you reset the watch?
Full factory reset.

Hi Alexander and Pablo, same situation here. Since the firmware update to version 1.3, my Lem12 is having a high battery drain, and in the Power savings settings says that is because the BLUETHOOT, even if its not conected to any device, it just need to be turned on.
I have made the full factory reset.
Please help.