Bruno Ferreira Pablo Eleven SmartWatch Ticks or to whom so ever it may concern..

@Bruno_Ferreira @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @SmartWatch_Ticks or to whom so ever it may concern…
This is the most common problem and it’s simplest solution (Sorry for long post but it’s worthy)

In my D5 there was this problem when i downloaded some clockfaces from the plus sign at the end and then some blank spaces came which i tried to delete but a blank screen came and i could only boot the watch from the long press button menu…Then as battery drains plug the watch to the charger, then unplug it soon…A dialog box appears that low battery …press ok or battery use…select battery use…then click app launcher from there and scroll down…clear data…ok…press home button…watch good as new…No flashing firmware…no battery reset…nothing…this is the MOST SIMPLE method to bring your watch to normal.

Hahah stop bro, this was been made in video 2 times by @SmartWatch_Ticks

But not this method…yes it says how to prevent that from happening…but for those who have not seen that.

I understand your idea but the flashing method is for those who cannot get into the watch at all. It comes down to the launcher not working at all - black screen.
Thanks anyway.

Yeah the boot loop is really a big problem. Anyways, you’re welcome.

@Shubh_Shah thanks mate. It is appreciated :slight_smile:

I deleted some watch faces from the ClockSkon dir and possibly the one that was in use. I will definitely try this the next time I do that.

@Dominic_Weston Hope you will recover the watch at that time.