Broken download links

We have noticed that there are some watchfaces with broken download links. In cases where the post-creator was not online for a long time and someone has the original file, we will edit the post and provide an alternative download link via our G-Drive. We will send the post creator a mail, so he can tell us when he’s not fine with it.


Man, you guys are on the ball! Good work!

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@G1NT0N1C Sounds like a great plan mate! Plenty of posts where people are asking for links to faces to be updated…have to agree with @Louis_Peek You guys are on the ball!:+1::+1: Cheers, Doons

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We’ll need everybodys help: Please report if there’s a link that is not working. If someone have the original file of the broken link, please send me a PM. Thanks for your help.


@G1NT0N1C I’ll start doing a bit of cross checking mate. I have a couple of hundred + downloads, so I’ll have a trol around the links and see if I have anything this is no longer a working link. Cheers, Doons


That’s great, thanks mate!