Bricked KW88?

I decided to update firmware of my watches to the latest firmware. But from some reason (I do not know it) it failed and my watches show the image I has attached. When I connect it to a computer, it is shown as MTP USB Device. But I can see no possibility to flash there any firmware (as I can’t see it in explorer). Can anybody help me to fix it?

What exactly did you try to flash? Was this firmware from this forum? Or someplace else? Can you post the name of file?
That G thing is the only thing that’s been on display? Right after turning watch on?

I already fixed that. So I needn’t help anymore. Thank nameless for expressed concern.
It was latest firmware pointed with this server named KW88_CS1_B_GSM_PHT_20170614.rar
Yes, the G image were only one thing I can see and the watch can’t be turned off.
And that was the point of my solution. I have to disconnect battery.