Breguet Year of the Pig - Zodiac Watch

The year of the pig indicates wealth and fortune for those born in the upcoming 12 months.

The watch echoes the Chinese traditional culture of the zodiac pig, and uses the three crafts of hand carving, bright fire enamel and crenched flower, which are highly valued by Baoji and very rare in the tabulation sector. Under the craftsmanship of Baoji watchmaker, the exquisite workmanship is limited to 8 items, and every watch is a unique product.

Once it is engraved, it needs to be completed at one go and can not be allowed to be modified again. The Daming enamel technology is another touting process which is highly esteemed by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the watchmaker, and is introduced into the dial production. At the same time, the pure bright fire enamel dial can also highlight the unique beauty of iconic potion pointer and Baoji digital time scale, which makes it much sought after. The enamel craftsmen will leave the coloring area blank, create the required pattern space, and then fill in the enamel, burn and finish the grinding.





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