Both my Genesises are dead

I bought two because Jason hinted there might not be a second batch. As I said elsewhere one died after mowing the lawn but I managed to revive it. But it died again not long after and remains dead. It charges when using a wall charger but won’t boot - the logo comes on for a while then it goes black. Refrigeration doesn’t help.

No problem, I have a backup, right? Before using the second watch I taped up the sim door tight with electrical tape. I went for a bike ride and soon after the same thing happened with first watch: the HR monitor stopped working. I immediately turned it off and put it in a bag with rice for a few days. But now it won’t boot or charge at all.


Going by my experience and that of several other posters it seems the Genesis has a serious quality control problem. I’m not going to ask for an exchange or refund since I knew the risk I was taking. I’m thinking of cracking one open to see what can be seen,


Yeah, well I guess you have tried all the usual things.
So not much else I can say really…

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@Bozley it’s a very sad situation indeed.
Strangely enough any that have been sent back do come back on.
It’s crazy but true.

Charging with a regular phone charger followed by half an hour in a refrigerator and then either hold the power button for 30-40 seconds (or even both buttons) and they boot up :flushed:

It’s really strange and until now we’ve never seen this before :pensive:


I’m not gonna hide it, I’m happy that I didn’t buy the Genesis… A lot of troubles… Users should not deal with refrigerator and rice practices… A watch should be at least sweatproof. Can I have in the future the battery and the reliability of Prime with the camera position and the reflective screen of Genesis? It would be perfect :ok_hand:


and maybe really waterproof for take it when swiming.

The way I see it, it’s a step in the right direction with a lot of room for improvement. If there’s going be a 2nd generation, I’d definitely be interested. My first android watch was Kospet Hope and this one is certainly outperforms.

My Genesis is dead too. It does exactly the same as yours. Quote; “It charges when using a wall charger but won’t boot - the logo comes on for a while then it goes black.” Such a shame because I really liked this watch too.

Have you tried the firdge trick?
It’s worked for many

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Hi Pablo. Yes, I’ve tried the fridge trick. Still nothing. I try it every few days or so but it’s still the same. It never gets passed the same point. Sometimes when I plug it in to the charger it does absolutely nothing at all and then next time I try in a few days time I get just an empty battery in a red puddle and nothing else and then the next time I try, it show it as charging, then the logo shows up and then the black screen. It’s been in and out of the fridge as often as the milk and butter. Ha ha. I’m going to keep trying in the hope it does kick in. I’ll let you know if it does.

Very sorry to hear this…
Good luck with it.:+1:

Well, I only bought one. It lasted a couple of weeks. I have tried the refrigerator and the regular charger multiple times over the last couple of weeks. One time, the watch felt slightly warm after charging all night. But, still can’t get any response whatsoever. I don’t even get the 0% battery screen anymore.

So, there are no other suggestions? Is it possible to get a replacement?

You need to contact Jason
Kronos Blade.
We can’t give hardware support, I’m sorry.
I think his website or if you look in the main Genesis thread you will find his email address.

You will have to explain that you have been here and tried everything.

You will be asked to return it for testing so that he can then claim from the factory.
If they test it and it’s working then you will have lost out.
So just as long as you are certain - it should be fine.
It’s painful but it is reality.

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I’m just going to throw this out there not trying to claim it will help everybody. I’ve noticed since summer is here and I sweat a lot more I’m having to clean the contacts on my watches a lot before the cable will connect. Example on my Lem 10 I was trying to connect it to my computer and could not get a connection. I thought the cable may now be bad. But first I checked the contacts, they looked ok but I wiped them with a microfiber cloth anyway, until they were shinny. The cable connected on the first try. I have had similar experiences with charging my Genesis and Lem 10. So now I wipe them every time before charging and have no more issues.

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You are absolutely correct @Jonathan_Bickel.
Even slightly sweaty and the contacts are covered by a “slick” so to speak.

I would say to anyone who is using the watches for fairness measuring, or even if it’s a really hot day - wear a sweat band and strap the watch on over the top of this.

Especially the models that are not really sealed too well.
Anyway, If in doubt, always a good thing to do I think :+1:

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