Both my Genesises are dead

I bought two because Jason hinted there might not be a second batch. As I said elsewhere one died after mowing the lawn but I managed to revive it. But it died again not long after and remains dead. It charges when using a wall charger but won’t boot - the logo comes on for a while then it goes black. Refrigeration doesn’t help.

No problem, I have a backup, right? Before using the second watch I taped up the sim door tight with electrical tape. I went for a bike ride and soon after the same thing happened with first watch: the HR monitor stopped working. I immediately turned it off and put it in a bag with rice for a few days. But now it won’t boot or charge at all.


Going by my experience and that of several other posters it seems the Genesis has a serious quality control problem. I’m not going to ask for an exchange or refund since I knew the risk I was taking. I’m thinking of cracking one open to see what can be seen,


Yeah, well I guess you have tried all the usual things.
So not much else I can say really…

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@Bozley it’s a very sad situation indeed.
Strangely enough any that have been sent back do come back on.
It’s crazy but true.

Charging with a regular phone charger followed by half an hour in a refrigerator and then either hold the power button for 30-40 seconds (or even both buttons) and they boot up :flushed:

It’s really strange and until now we’ve never seen this before :pensive:


I’m not gonna hide it, I’m happy that I didn’t buy the Genesis… A lot of troubles… Users should not deal with refrigerator and rice practices… A watch should be at least sweatproof. Can I have in the future the battery and the reliability of Prime with the camera position and the reflective screen of Genesis? It would be perfect :ok_hand:


and maybe really waterproof for take it when swiming.

The way I see it, it’s a step in the right direction with a lot of room for improvement. If there’s going be a 2nd generation, I’d definitely be interested. My first android watch was Kospet Hope and this one is certainly outperforms.