• Weekday
  • Battery level indicator
  • 10 second dial
  • Date

Software used: GIMP and Watch Face Designer.

To download from WatchAWear:

In the ZIP file you’ll find two versions, one in spanish and the other in english.

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Great work again!

great work, thanks

Very nice! Thanks.

It is only pity you can’t manage to make day of the week gauge to work properly on this watch for D7 also.
On your other master work Edox you managed to make day of the week to work properly. Even for D7.

In edox skin, Alberto use simple digital array for the weekday. Here just rotate hand, which is not correct in other type just in x series watch. I will made small clarification with pictures what a different x, plus series skins and kw88 and other watch engine. Some elements in CSM will not work properly in other type of watches. That not a skin issue.

@zsolt_m In Edox skin, to move the hand of weekday, I use an array; I’m not using a rotating hand.
Furthermore, I’m very sorry if my skin is not compatible with all the clock engines. I have a FINOW X5 and my skins can only be tested in it. Sorry.

@Alberto_Romero yes that Im wrote. Its not your skin fault. Your skin works like a charm, what for you designed. :slight_smile:

nice clean design, thanks

How can I install this watch face on my Finow 5 plus ?


One of my favourites. Great job.

Alguien puede compartir el azul en español? No consigo instalarlo al descomprimir el zip. Gracias

Nadie? Gracias de antemano

@Juan_Jorge Please use forum language. English please.

@zsolt_m Can someone share the blue in Spanish? I can not install it when unzipping the zip. Thank you

Great work. My favorite watch face.