Bookmarks widget

I have a Kospet Prime, but posting in general section as it is probably the same on other models.

Does anyone know how to edit the shortcuts in the Bookmarks widget ?

What is this ?

When in UL we go to add widgets, we can choose a bookmarks widget, with shortcuts to selected pages:

But someone pre-filled them with pages, so how do we change them to our own bookmarks ?

OMG! I never noticed that! LMAO! I noticed FOXNEWS isn’t on there. Draw your own conclusion. :innocent:

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It’s quite handy, because if you set the default browser to your preferred one, the bookmarks opens in that browser, so it doesn’t need to use the factory browser :ok_hand:

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Thank you! Good to know!

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Well, if only we could change which bookmarks it shows… It would be quite handy to have a lot of quick homepage accesses from there.

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The question is : how do you bookmark a page with the default browser ?

That too, but when you open the default browser it shows a start page with some bookmarks, not being the same as those from the widget, so are they even the same ?
I can’t seem to get to the corners of the default browser, neither from round or square mode, so can’t see if a menu hides there…

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