BOBO Bird North S09X (Update with link)

Ok…decided to do one of the BOBO Bird watches…I think it came out well considering…just not happy with the hour and minute hands…not sure if I want to put it on here to download…but if there is a good vibes on it…then I will…the chronograph part of the watch is setup as individual 24 hour minute and second hands with day function.

original version

Made version by me


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Dropbox Link - BOBO Bird North S09X


Well done!

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Very nice Labby! :+1: :+1: I have one of these in my collection because I thought they looked quite good…I particularly liked the way they had wood inserts in the bracelet…be interesting to see how you managed that! :crazy_face: :rofl:, Cheers, “Oh, you only get the face…not the band”? :woozy_face:, Doons