Bluetooth won't stay disabled Prime SE

Each time I turn the watch on, BT is enabled. Since BT drains the battery, I don’t want BT enabled except when I want it on. How do I change that?

hi @doubledad
Try to go to SETTINGS
Choose CONECT tray
Then BT tray
and in the top you should be able to turn off de BT

Have done that, but every time I restart the watch BT in “on” again. I want to permanently disable BT until I want to start it

As bad as this may seem but usually a factory reset fixes problems like this .

Thanks Tim, but for the hassle involved, I’ll live with manually disabling it each day…

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I would suspect that you have installed an app that turns it on for you. No app that can require bt connection ?

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Good point eric and it maybe turned off in battery saver so its looking for bluetooth all the time :+1:

Nice idea, but I do not have such an app installed…

I think a factory reset will help.

Thanks Gin, but for the hassle involved, I’ll live with manually disabling it each day…

Is there a reason to restart the watch a lot? While it’s not right for it to be doing that it seems if you just don’t reboot it then it wouldn’t be a problem very often. I can’t imagine it being a hardware problem so something has to be requesting BT. Have you installed any apps other than the ones it came with? Possible virus from an installed app? Just trying to think of possible solutions as my brain automatically goes into diagnostic mode like a high tech Sherlock. :wink:

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but there are no apps installed which could call for Bluetooth.

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu and I already told you how to solve your problem. What are we still talking about here?

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You should note that I have not fostered continued comment on this subject, so why address your qquestion to me?

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