Bluetooth frequently stopping

Hello, I’m having a problem with bluetooth connecting to my bugs, it cut the sound frequently when im listening sounds.
I did all the first step as Mr ticks video and I’m still having the problem, please any proposal will be highly appreciated

Maybe it’s you earbuds… I had the same problem a few months ago and I change earbuds, as they had come to the end of their life…Try with a different pair of earbuds, to see if it’s their fault.

What watch are you using and what earbuds . Is it the genesis

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Hello, I try the ear bugs with my phone directly and it play very well without cutting

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Yes I just got my Genesis kit

Are both connected and not just one ?

Yes both are connected

Maybe worth unpairing at start again .

I tried but still doing the same

I have the same problem. I use Optimus Prime with Jabra Elite 65t, through a 3 difrent versions of the firmware 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 after a lot of factory resets, with the direct connection and through the app for the headphones… Nothing sorted this problem… And I tried a difrent headphones… The same problem…

Is the problem only while running or still

Is just like the frequency is not strong, you can’t go more than 1 or 2 meter without, it will cut completely

Always but is more frequent when you are active, that is what I just discovered

Maybe your expectations are to high . 1 - 2 meters ? . If you keep your watch on your wrist and the earbuds in it should work fine as mine does . Why would your watch end up 1-2 meters away from you . Thanks

for me the problem is when i walk or when i drive and the watch is on my wrist. if i rise up my arm close to the chest everything is became normal…

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I’m just trying to tell you more how it is, my watch stay on my arms always, I just try that to see how it will behave and it was worse than being on my arms, but with my phone it goes about 3 meter and above. If it can help to find out why it the watch sound cut.