Bluboo Xwatch...your thoughts? I know Bluboo rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way

Bluboo Xwatch…your thoughts?

I know Bluboo rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way when they put out a false release date, but with the current specs and style what are your impressions?
I think it’s one of the sharpest looking watches out there…especially for a sport watch.
I haven’t seen much about it in a long time, but seeing their apology a few weeks ago makes me believe they’re trying to spark interest again. It claimed to have the mtk2601 chip but apparently there was compatibility issues. Other watches claiming to have the same chip were also delayed and I see nothing on mediatek’s website about this chip.
Anyway, I like the style, and if they make it a high waterproof spec, and give it other nice “sport” features, that will probably be my choice hopefully in the near future.

Found this in a Q and A:
Can you download additional clock faces from the play store to customize the look of the watch. e.g. the Skymaster pilot watch face…?
Hello Michael,
Sorry it doesn’t support. We will improve it in the future.
Thanks for your attention.

@Andrew_Davis I don’t know who answers those things but that seems to be a standard “auto” reply. It seems like anything with the mediatek mtk2601 chip was shut down. Xwatch, elephone ele, and mlais all had some hype at the same time but just disappeared. The common denominator is mtk2601.

It’s an awesome looking watch, in theory. The problem is that we’ve been receiving wrong information from Bluboo about specs and other details, so I don’t know which watch I will be buying. They released a video, but nothing conclusive

The hard truth is… there’s really very little in the way of consumer protection from these Chinese companies: specs, updates, fixes, copyright violation… it’s a proven…

Larger companies seem to have an “ethical” imperative (albeit, based on the micro economic doctrine of “customer loyalty = $)”… smaller companies - ignore and move on to the next wave of buyers. There’s one born every minute…

With one eye on the Far Eastern producer, it’s time to coin the phrase, “Jaded Economics”…

PS… I love my D5…

@Lokifish_Marz I have an Omate Rise and nothing works properly. It’s a little better on Android. However, there are major connecting issues in companion mode. No applications to be installed and when you do…they stop working every 2 minutes. On IOS is just a watch, notifications work sometimes and not all of them go through. As far as I’m concerned, Android Wear is rhe way or the LG Urbane or the Gear. Everything else is just an attempt to be different…but they don’t work properly and aren’t supported either…