Blood Pressure app

Do you know any application that uses the heart rate sensor of the smartwatch for measuring blood pressure? (Such as those used on smartphones that use the camera’s flash.)

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I have the Spovan Blade health band, sold by Kronus Blade, that does a good representation of my blood pressure, when compared to a reliable arm cuff BP monitor. That said I would not put much faith into any device that just measures it from the heart rate sensor. Most provide notoriously unreliable readings and as Mr. Ticks says don’t rely on these devices to monitor your blood pressure. Especially if you have an abnormal blood pressure condition.

I’m sure about this. I have excellent professional blood pressure monitors. But when you don’t have these devices available, even inaccurate measurement can help. This is why I bought a smartwatch some time ago that has this function and I must say that reading, without relying too much, is quite real.
However, if anyone knows of an application that reads blood pressure, I’m willing to test it.

How is your Spovan? mine Received in May, worked perfectly until last week just stopped charging. Also you might need to find some sort of screen protector as is very easy to scratch.

Not sure what you are experiencing but initially I would make sure the contacts are clean. I am amazed how much that can make a difference with the connection. i clean them every time before charging any watch now whether they look ok or not. No more connection problems for me.
I don’t use screen protectors on any of my watches. Don’t have any problems but lets just say I’m aware I have them on and for normal stuff no issues but if what I am about to do is questionable I simply remove the watch first.

Sorry but you have the wrong discussion. Here we talk about blood pressure measurement.