Blitz Review/Thoughts

Ok, had this for a few weeks, and while I doubt I’ll add anything new to the discussion, I figure I’d toss out my two cents worth on it. I’ll prolly be getting to writing a larger review on my LJ page soon, but for now, its this and the Everbuying review.

It definitely falls short in my needs, even when I allow for the limitations of a watch phone. We all know about those limitations I’m sure, limited battery life, low memory, small screen, and such. Much of the problem is software, the system seems way too large for how limited it is, or at least how limited it appears to be based on what few settings we can touch. They’ve stripped so many out that its a bit of a problem, I can’t change the date format, delete Google accounts I don’t want, nor change it to use Imperial measurements on the weather app. Somebody needs to create a version of Android that takes it easier on the device, Bulb OS anyone? Something akin to Cyanogen Mod?

I have serious doubts that the screen is Gorilla Glass, I’ve already put a scratch in it. Good thing is it doesn’t effect how its working.
Call quality is outstanding, I think it beats my last phone, a Cubot Note S, it certainly matches it. With a full battery, I got 63 minutes on it, and still had 15% left.  It also does a great job of recovering from losing the signal, something my Note didn’t do so well, nor did my Ulefone BePro. Of course call quality is dependent on your headset, and the Jazz M9 I got for review purposes is absolutely great.

Battery life will do, about 12 hours or so usually. That doesn’t involve much calls, but the occasional Telegram messages and sometimes Swarm, and some checking of email. I have gestures turned off as I stock shelves, that’d cause it to constantly wake it up, and even if that doesn’t use much battery, it wouldn’t help.

Over all its not bad, it won’t replace my Note S fully, but I have an old Galaxy 2 7in that can do the heavy lifting, so the watch is adequate. I would like some more memory or at least the ability to use SD cards, and a bigger or replaceable battery. Or I’ll settle for another docking cradle, that way I can recharge it at work or while out and about, I certainly have the chargers for it.

So, the short version, don’t buy it ifn you just want a smart watch to link to your phone, its over kill for that, there’s better buys for that. Don’t buy it if you expect it to fully replace your smart phone, it won’t do that. Now if you do want a device that will make calls, allow you to check messages and mail, and the basics you expect from a phone, this is a stylish choice.

•••• out of 6
Solid buy

Posted a longer review at and decided to raise the rating by the time I got done, so I adjusted it here too

Hello there, I just received the zeblaze blitz watch and love it but I am having trouble receiving any 3G network on AT&T here on the east coast of North Carolina USA. Does anyone here have any issues with 3G network?