Blancpain Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar But

Blancpain Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar
Our watches can’t show us Chinese Calendar :frowning:
So - my watch face is based on this watch, but I have changed dials to week day, month and power indicators.
For many months I have been thinking about making this watch, but it was impossible because of clockskin engine limits.
Now, with new feature in universal launcher - date rotation - it has become possible!
I made it in WFD (all dials) and in PSP (hands and moon phase window). All things made from scratch - only roman numbers copied from original picture.

It works correctly only with Universal Launcher!




@Jacek_Klodzinski really nice mate. Thanks.

Looking Great!! Thanks

Hi, looks very nice but the date (day from 1 to 31) pointer/needle does not apper on my No.1 D5

@Francesco_Mosca If you don’t have Universal Launcher installed then date rotation doesn’t work.

Hi Jacek, I installed UL and now skinface works great…thanks for that. Unfortunately I lost some other stuff (notification in BT connection with UL active), but I think this is a different matter of compatibility on my D5…

@Francesco_Mosca You are right - but you can install these things from Google Play I think. The bigest advantage of UL is that you can use also watch faces in .watch format and in clockskin format you have date rotation and more natural movement of hands (the second hand ticks)

@Alfons_van_de_Langen because we are called this community name for a reason.

@Jacek_Klodzinski Gorgeous watch face, great job Jacek , I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to download them to the watch from Google drive, I just download the file and do not understand how to open in watchmaker, when unloaded on dropbox dials I have them open in watchmaker, but with Google drive having problems

@11128 not sure if you have noticed the name of our community - but the clue to your problem is in the name of our group:

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Hi.Normal mode does not have a date indicator and the second is running, it does not jerk.The launch of the uni launch is excellent but only in small size, there is a black ring around !! Only with me can I fix it? If I do not regret it normal mode, because it is too small. But this is one of the best jobs here !!!

Link updated.


I moved it to the UL section.:+1:

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