Black Screen Kospet Hope


I have a kospet hope bought at bangood.

It was working properly until its screen went black. The watch works, turns on, turns off, sounds, vibrates but nothing on the screen works.

I’ve tried procedures reported on this forum, but to no avail

like this:

Has anyone managed to find any practical solution?

It sounds like the screen is unplugged. I would open the watch and check the contacts. But this is just an option if you know what you are doing.

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Before the screen turned black what were you doing on watch ?

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Anything. The battery discharged. I put it to load as it always did and this happened.

I had a similar issue with a H2 during a run . Although the screen was black it still responded to touch ( like trying to change faces ) . Does yours respond to touch ?

I had a similar problem after loading a bad clockface.
I solved with a reflash.

No. It does not answer, just for the physical buttons and audio.

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If you don’t played around with the software, I’m quite sure that the screen is not propperly plugged.


Then @G1NT0N1C is offering the best solution

No my friend. The battery was discharged and was soon after.