Big surprise. Just checked No1 website to see if there is any firmware update

Big surprise. Just checked No1 website to see if there is any firmware update on my D5 smartwatch. Gone, vanished, no longer existing.

Another example of the (non)continuing support of Chinese manufacturers. :frowning:

Just like Finow did :frowning:

Only direct access possible ( see above ), not accessable on their homepage, hm …!

I had a No.1 D6 update (not sure i am allowed to mention square watches here) , does anyone know what it was for ?

I don’t think so. Opened your link, nothing about Viagra. Maybe you have a virus?

Actually, I’m not surprised. This is the typical way Chinese companies work. I asked 2 times about where to buy replacement batteries, no reply. I asked 1 time about a possible update on the firmware, no reply.

They’re only interested in selling, but don’t want the burden of taking care customers. Sell and run…

My next watch for sure won’t be a Chinese one anymore. Got enough of it. You get what you pay for. Rubbish…

So let me get this right… you guys did a search for “No1 Firmware” and you got an advert for “Viagra”…

They’re making it very hard for us to keep up our support… but maybe it’s just a glitch and they’ll get it up again soon…

Far Eastern manufacturers should be aiming to provide the “Jade” level service but it seem that they are using “Jaded Economic” principles…


  • Jade has been considered the “Imperial gem” from the time of the earliest Chinese dynasties…


  • Bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having been over exposed to, or having consumed too much of something.
  • Worn out, wearied, exhausted or lacking enthusiasm, due to age or experience.
  • Made callous or cynically insensitive, by experience…

The No1 site opened okay for me this morning… :slight_smile:

No, not for me. Direct access to the firmware site is ok, but via home page not possible !

Checked again. Still no sign of support on the D5 anymore. End of life I guess.


Imagine this: I’m a regular user, just bought the no1 d5 and check out the website of no1 to see if there is an update available. You think I know I should look at the link you posted???

For sure not. And it is only because they forgot to delete the previous webpage that this link is still working. For the regular user with a regular functioning brain, it is impossible to find this page.

If that is true, why do all other models have a firmware page, regularly reachable by just browsing the no1 website?

No need, right? We can all update our firmware by OTA.

Seems a bit illogical to me.