Big numbers and big hands...

Big numbers and big hands…

@Tim_Costello Yeah, didn’t like the last “chop stick” hands…


Stretch out your arm and lean back a little… the further away the numbers are the smaller they appear to be… :slight_smile:

@Alex_Sadov I’ll make a few more… please can you help me with these questions:-

  1. what colour background?
  2. what colour numbers?
  3. digital or hands
  4. minimalist of complex
  5. what features are important for you?

@Alex_Sadov I’ll put something simple together then we can look at what needs changing or improving… :slight_smile:

Hey, they’re great !.. you don’t need me, you can make your perfect watch… keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@Alex_Sadov It’s easy to fix… in CSM left click x2 “image” in the “Toolbox”… then left click x2 “image” in “Layers”… scroll down the folder contents until you find the “-” (dash) png image… left click x1 on the “-”… the dash is now a layer on your watch and can be moved by drag/drop or using the “centre X/Y” in “properties”… move it to where you want it to be… :slight_smile:

I can’t access your file… you need to send (or share) it as a zipped file… :slight_smile:

@Alex_Sadov I’m using Gimp to edit the images…

I think that we worked well together… thank you for talking with me… :slight_smile:

Until the next time…

@Alex_Sadov Hi AS… “If the clock skin works perfect in ClockMaker it should works on the watch too.”…

Not always… there are some functions in CSM that work differently on a watch…

  1. Angles - eg rotate battery is a problem
  2. Direction - sometimes the hands run backwards (therefore just change the direction again in CSM)
  3. Coordinates - can be off when making complex, multi layered watchskins

I’ve looked at your watch and I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t run correctly… :slight_smile:

@Alex_Sadov When I get time I’ll make a few standard watch face bits… faces, numbers, hands etc… if you like any of them you’ll be able to add them to any watch that you’ve made… the graphics often take the most time… it might be a quick option for you… :slight_smile: