Best watch for IOS user

I am IOS user. I need watch which should support below functions with my Iphone…

  1. BT calling/ Answering the call
  2. Notifications & reply to the notifications
  3. ECG sensor
  4. Heart rate sensor
  5. Stress sensor
  6. Spo2
  7. Play Store
  8. Custom faces
  9. Mic and speaker
  10. Good battery timing
  11. NFC
  12. WiFi
  13. Connect to Airpods

Sorry, but the watches discussed here don’t support 1, 3, 6, or 11, at least not yet. Not sure what you mean by 5.


Apple watch?


I don’t like apple watch :neutral_face:

Spo2 is heart oxygen sensor.

No apple watch, then I think you may have a little problem. Because their is no Android watch currently available or in the near future that will meet your expectations.

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